My love for words started at a very young age. Everyone who took part in raising me instilled a love for words deep in my heart in their own unique way. My mother and I had a special reading list every summer. My father left sweet, handwritten notes at the bottom of the stairs for me every day before he went to work. One grandmother wrote short little notes with cards she would send in the mail for every single holiday, even the obscure ones that aren't normally celebrated with mail like President's Day or Earth Day. I inherited the journals of one grandfather who wrote deep and musing thoughts about all aspects of life. 

I grew up with a love for words and a deep respect for those who spoke or wrote those words. That love and respect has since turned into a career, or careers rather. I now teach English, striving to instill the same love and respect that I had for words into the hearts and minds of today's youth. I am also a freelance writer and editor - the reason you are probably here on this site. While I do love to write for myself and have dreams of one day writing a novel, I feel that my true gift - and my true joy - lies in helping others craft their words in a way that will best share their story and their vision.

If you have the words, the vision, or even just the spark of an idea, I'd love to work with you to help transform that spark into a flame. If you worry that writing isn't your strength, then let's join forces to create a strong collaboration. As you browse this website, you can explore some of the previous projects and collaborations I've completed. And if you enjoy the stories you see here, I'd love to be part of sharing your story as well. 

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